space clearing

Space Clearing is a remarkable ceremony that purifies and uplifts the energy of a home or office and brings clarity and focus into the space. You will be surprised at how much lighter and brighter your home and workplace feels.

In the days and weeks preceding your consultation, you prepare by clearing clutter, cleaning house and gaining clarity about what’s important to you in your life right now and what changes you would like to make.

In a consultation I read the imprints left by previous occupants or events, conduct a deep energetic clearing to remove them, and finish by infusing your personal aspirations into the space. It’s a highly effective ceremony that can also be quite emotionally moving.

A consultation takes several hours, depending on the size of your space and the depth you wish to work at. It paves the way for the next phase of engagement, and when that runs its course, there is the option to space clear again, building on previous insights to reset the space.

Though this may seem esoteric, let me assure you, I am very straightforward, direct and sensible, and Space Clearing is surprisingly tangible and practical.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule an appointment:
phone: 773.936.9700

client testimonials

“What a gift you have, and what a gift to us! When you arrived to do the space clearing and we met for the first time, I was immediately filled with your energy and intention. I am already a very energetic, get-things-done person, but I could sense in you right away a potential to shift and open my energy, the energy in our home and in Jacque. What a thrill. But more importantly, I felt in you a heart-filled listening, almost as if you were family; and yet we were meeting you for the first time. You immediately honored the human beings within us by your full presence, your direct gaze, your upright and open stance, your warm embrace and laughing smile. You are clearly a “space” or an “opening” where people get to “show up,” if you’ll forgive the New-Age language; it is meant sincerely.” — Sylvie D., Teacher, Chicago, IL

“It feels good to be in this space for the first time since we moved in. It now feels like it’s ours. Also, I have been sleeping great. In fact, the first few nights a word kept coming into my head, describing my bed. It was “sweet”. My bed felt sweet. I have had deeper sleep. I don’t feel like I am thinking through the night any more. I have been focusing on relaxing more, taking time to appreciate myself, appreciate the space I’m in, and get to know myself. I feel like I am enjoying myself more. When I take breaks or time off from work, I don’t feel guilty. My focus seems to be better. When I work, I work, and when I rest, I rest.” — Alicja N., Nutrition Consultant, Chicago, IL

“It was especially interesting doing the ceremony at the corners of each room. I felt the space “unclog,” like it was getting rid of old stuff (negative thoughts, remnants of past tenants, etc.). I most definitely felt a difference, and immediately. The space felt a great deal more open and, more importantly, a great deal more conducive to concentration and creativity. At once, I felt comfortable in the space, sort of an “at home” feeling. This has persisted to this very day. I can concentrate better, and have a clearer perspective of making sure that work space/time is delineated rather than blending social and professional stuff. Within 24 hours, I got one new client, and an existing client asked me to do significantly more work for him. That’s cool!”— Greg R., Lawyer, Chicago, IL